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rinea ali
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asking question

Post by rinea ali » Sun Mar 25, 2012 3:22 am

Please can you explain the following terms
1 Hazard
2 Acute hazard
3 chronic hazard
4 risk
5 hazard control
6 risk management

List the hierarchy of controls in order of the most preferred to the list preferred.Explain what is and provide an example of each.

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Re: asking question

Post by Pacificpainters » Mon Mar 26, 2012 4:29 am

It is nice to see you use the form Rinea. I will try and do the best i can.

1. a hazard is an object, situation or material that can cause you an injury or illness in the workplace.
2. Acute means that the effect of the hazard will be seen or felt straight away.
3. Chronic means it will be sometime before you will see the effect of the hazard.
4. Risk is how much an individual, a group of people or the environment could be effected by the hazard.
5. Hazard control is how you can control the hazard to reduce the risk
6. Risk management is the process you take to reduce the risk by identifying the hazard, assessing the level of risk exposure, deciding on a control and implementing that control and monitoring it to ensure that the controls are effective or that they don't lead to another form of hazard.

The last question you asked is about hierarchy of controls. This is the level of importance you put to certain hazard controls and the priority you place on them.

I understand that you got these question from the assessment i gave you. It is good to see you try and use a forum such as this to get an answer. I hope another trainer may offer more of an explanation.

I hope it is all going well for you back home in Kiribati and we look forward to seeing you back in Fiji in June.

Note to trainers:
Rinea is one of my students, I did not know she was going to use this forum to ask this question. I think it is great she is trying different avenues to gain information. Rinea is from Kiribati and English is her second language, so it is good to keep the explanation in simple english.

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