Online Tool For Structural Drawings

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Online Tool For Structural Drawings

Post by Eugene » Mon Nov 28, 2016 7:40 am

Now this is probably an app more applicable for any owner-builders out there as opposed to a strictly 'painters only' app, but nonetheless is an absolute marvel.

If you have had any involvement with obtaining structural drawings for a project you will know that they are a right royal pain! Not only are they expensive, but sometimes they can take an age to get developed.

The Engineering App is an online tool that provides structural drawings for:
- Slabs and footings
- Steel beams and lintels
- Retaining walls
- Construction zone of influence details

TeA is provided at a fraction of typical engineering costs. TeA can be utilised by anyone who requires structural engineering designs - for Architects, Owner Builders and of course Builders!
There are other structural drawings services online, but this is the first automated service that provides completed jobs in minutes, not days. The rapid automated process is also a fraction of the cost of the competition.

From what I can see from their website The Engineering App is headed by a registered structural engineer that oversees each project. The completed document is emailed in an easily shareable format, so you can then share it with any other tradies that are on your project.

Now I have to admit I have not used it yet, but they say that the five-step wizard is pretty simple to use.

If anyone does use it, please share your thoughts below to help the community out.

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