Beware of fake SEO companies

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Beware of fake SEO companies

Post by daniel.wurm » Mon Feb 13, 2012 8:15 am

Everyone want's to be number one on Google, but the sharks out there know that too...

So take care not to rush out and spend your dosh if you don't really understand what you're getting, and how they reckon they'll do it for you.

We use a professional SEO agency without a huge price tag, and you can tell by the way they write that they're not into pulling the wool over anyone's eyes, but just giving good old fashioned service in a very modern field.

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Re: Beware of fake SEO companies

Post by Pacificpainters » Mon Feb 20, 2012 11:38 pm

Thanks Daniel, good advise.

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Re: Beware of fake SEO companies

Post by PR Painting » Sun Oct 14, 2012 10:23 am

...I would add be carefull of SEO companies offering to get you number 1 . Make sure they source ethical links which are relevent to painting. You might be up there for a few months but site could be flagged by search engines if links are deemed as used for seo purposes only...i would add do your DD before sending money overseas also
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Re: Beware of fake SEO companies

Post by Johnn » Sat Feb 22, 2014 6:04 am

I also want to do SEO services for my real estate site ......
and i m searching for a Good SEO company :?:
Thanks to share these information :!:
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Re: Beware of fake SEO companies

Post by janiw88 » Tue Feb 25, 2014 3:44 am

I came across this article from First Digital. Very comprehensive guide to follow to get good links hence effective SEO.


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Re: Beware of fake SEO companies

Post by PDT Armour Coatings » Wed Feb 26, 2014 12:38 pm

We have just launched our new website designed by eTraffic
The SEO starts in a few months after some baselining to evaluate the new site compared to the old one, and gauge the SEO's effectiveness.

I get a phone call sometimes up to 3 a week selling me 'unlimited PPC google ads' and Number1 on google.

Truth of the matter is, even if your SEO is great, if your content stinks, google will rate you bad. Just as important as SEO, is good quality, and changing and adding new content regularly.

The other thing i would advise people to do is hang up on anyone who says they are from anything to do with Policing, SES, or QFS and would like 'just a little bit of support'. The vast majority of these 'publications' don't exist, or at least the decent number of people i know in the police have never heard of them.

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