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Women in White

Post by Painters Institute » Fri Sep 14, 2012 4:08 am

Are you a woman in the painting industry? Or are you a girl who is thinking about entering the trade?
Being a woman in a male dominated industry can be a challenge, but there are fantastic opportunities too!

Where can you get help, find role models and mentors? The National Painting Institute of Painting and Decorating supports female painters through it's Women in White initiative.

Connect here with other female painters and trainers from around Australia

Get help and advice from Women in Trades

Network with other women with SALT, supporting and linking tradeswomen at http://www.saltaustralia.org

Here are five reasons why being a painter is a good career option for women:
  • Woman see more colours than men. Its true!
    Your customers are likely to be women
    Its one of the more creative trades, allowing you to use your decorative skills
    Its less physically demanding than other trades
There is high demand for skilled female painters!

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