Australian Painting Qualification

Are you a painter intending to migrate to Australia? Certificate III Painting and Decorating is the nationally recognised trade qualification for painters in Australia. It may assist you for visa applications, and helps prove you have the skills and knowledge to work as a professional painter in Australia.

This course is now available on-line, allowing you to apply from anywhere in the world, prior to immigration or visa application. It is suitable for painters who meet any of the following criteria:
  1. Painters with U.K. City and Guilds Certificate
  2. Painters with Trade qualifications from New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, India, Taiwan, Germany, Italy, Hungary, France or Ireland
  3. Professional painters who have a minimum of four years full-time experience but no formal qualification

Course Requirements

To complete this course you must have access to a computer with a web-cam. You will be asked to prove your identity, and will be photographed all the way through the course.
You must be currently employed in the industry, as you will need to complete tasks on your work-site. You will also need to have good English skills, and be able to use Skype.
To complete the course you must prove your competence in all 27 subjects. You can do this by:
  1. Answering the questions on-line
  2. Uploading photos and videos of yourself performing the skill
  3. Providing third party reports from your supervisor or employer
  4. Uploading any certificates or qualifications you have in your country of origin.
Included in the course are compulsory subjects which include:
  1. Australian safety laws
  2. Australian standards
  3. Australian business laws
These subjects are essential to you being able to work on an Australian construction site. All subjects may be completed on-line.
Please email us below if you would like a Skype consultation. Enrolment and payment can also be made on-line, allowing you to start whenever you like.
Cost: A$4500
Deposit of A$1500 required to start, with payment plans available
Expected course duration: 40 - 100 hours, depending on previous skills level and qualifications.
Certification: Qualifications are issued by the Registered Training Organisation Masters in Building Training, and meet the requirements of the Australian Quality Training Framework