Working Safely at Heights

CPCCCM2010B Working Safely at Heights


Many painters are injured every year due to falling from heights. Most of these falls are from relatively low heights (5m or less). This course is designed to provide painters with the necessary knowledge and skills to work safely at heights suitable for those working in the mining and resources industry, and the building and construction industry. On completion of this course, participants will have knowledge of the OHS, legislation and Australian Standards relating to working at heights; be able to identify and control hazards; understand job planning and resources required, access and egress; fall arrest systems and Personal Protective Equipment plus work confidently and competently at heights.

Course Content

Legislation in the Workplace - WHS Acts and Regulations; specific regulations referring to Fall Prevention; WorkCover Code of Practice; National Standard for Licensing Persons Performing High Risk Work; Australian/NZ Standards 1891 part 1 to 4.

Plan Work - Job at hand; hazards; access and egress; eliminate hazards as far as is practicable; where hazards still exist plan for use of equipment to prevent falls.

Personal Protective Equipment - Fall Restraint Systems; Fall Arrest Systems including full-body harness donning, care and maintenance in accordance with AS 2626; lanyards; shock absorbers; fall-arrest devices; hardware and system clearances.

Safe Working at Heights - Edge protection; scaffolds; ladder and tower safety; anchor points and static lines; plant access and egress; EWPs; tools and equipment at heights; house keeping and rescue procedures.

Practical assessment - Fall arrest PPE inspection and demonstration of safe, confident working practices at heights.


Competent candidates will be issued with a Certificate/Statement of Attainment. This course is accredited within the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF). Certificate issued by Masters in Building Training, RTO no. 40666

Cost $400 Duration 8 hours

To enrol, contact 0402 312234