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Customer Service

What about the needs of your customers? Consumer needs must be specifically addressed. Communication and liaison between you and your customer will help develop the relationship of trust and respect.

Make your customers feel valued

You can make your consumers feel valued by attending to their needs. This may relate to providing them with general, specific or further information, as the job requires.
Be prepared to answer questions about:
• Time punctuality - are you always on time, or regularly late/held up on another job?
• Cost reduction and certainty - have you really acknowledged the client's budget? Have you explained the benefits of what you will be undertaking?
• Quality - can you substantiate the quality of the work you will undertake? How will you guarantee this? Can you?
• Efficiency - will you be able to complete the work on time? Will you be able to work within the timeframe or other constraints?
• Sustainability - how will you guarantee your workmanship to meet sustainability factors?
• Consumer satisfaction - how will you ensure you have achieved consumer satisfaction?
You may need to provide samples of products to customers so they can test the suitability of the products for their needs. The consumer's needs and expectations must be considered as part of the service process. Consumer expectations are based on their perceptions of you, your company and the manner in which you deliver your service or sell your product to them.
The customer wants information from you that will confirm why they should engage you and the benefits of using your services.

Your role

As a potential 'employee' of the customer, you should always act with the utmost honesty and integrity. The consumer must be confident that you will not steal from
them or harm them in any way. You need to provide accurate advice and be sensitive and tactful when assessing the job requirements and providing your recommendations.

Consumer expectations

All consumers expect a high level of service. They also expect the quality of the products or service they receive to be appropriate. As your customer numbers grow, it is vital that you maintain the same level of service that you provided when you first obtained their business. For example, keeping in contact annually with your clients helps you maintain customer records and reminds your client that you appreciate their business.
As the painter, your role is to provide the client with
the information they need to make a decision on choosing paint products, colours and what they expect the project to look like. The quality of the service you provide to the client in terms of managing their needs will assist you to promote and build consumer rapport, and evaluate and enhance your customer service.