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Dispute Resolution

Help! My Paint Job is Faulty!

What can you do if you aren't happy with your paint job? Before you go to court, or get an inspection, it always pays to try to resolve the matter first. Here are some steps to help you.

Step 1.

Ask the painter to fix it. The painter should have provided you with a quote that details the scope of works, including what should be painted, how many coats, what preparation would be carried out and which paint will be used. Is the job complete? Put it in writing.

Step 2.

If the painter refuses to fix it, ask 'why'. If the paint job complies with the specified quote negotiate with the painter how to resolve the matter. Most qualified painters are keen to protect their reputation as a good tradesperson.

Step 3.

Put your concerns in writing. Explain why you aren't happy with the job, and what you think should be done to fix it. Give the painter the opportunity to avoid further conflict, and a deadline.

Step 4.

If the painter refuses to negotiate or claims that the scope of works has been fulfilled, and you disagree, contact your local Consumer Affairs or Fair Trading government department.

What is a Painting Defect?

The Guide to Standards and Tolerances 2015 helps both builders and home owners if building work is in dispute. It provides explanations such as how to inspect surfaces for defects, definitions of painting defects, and expected paint durability.