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Hazardous Paint Management - Responsible Person

This course is designed for project managers and supervisors on industrial hazardous paint removal, abatement, encapsulation and maintenance projects, including lead paint management.

According to the AS/NZS 4361.1, Guide to hazardous paint management, Part 1 – Lead and other hazardous metallic pigments in industrial applications, a responsible person should be on-site at all times, during hazardous dust producing operations, to implement and maintain the compliance plan. The duties of the responsible person include the following:

(a) Determining prior to the commencement of the project whether the owner has identified the presence of hazardous metallic pigment in the paint.
(b) Ensuring the adequacy of any worker exposure assessments and monitoring data.
(c) Ensuring that all workers are properly inducted into the safe work program, wear the required protective clothing and equipment and are trained in and use appropriate exposure control methods.
(d) Ensuring that proper hygiene facilities are provided and that workers are trained to correctly use those facilities.
(e) Ensuring that engineering controls are designed, operated and maintained properly.
(f) Establishing regulated areas.
(g) Taking effective measures to reduce dust hazards.
(h) Ensuring that the health monitoring is carried out, as required for the relevant hazardous pigment present in the paint.

Course Content:

  • Background of hazardous coatings, type of coatings to be encountered, health issues related to exposure
  • Surface Preparation, including methods and equipment typically used, and activities likely to increase exposure
  • Legislation and regulations, including AS/NZS 4361.1, Guide to hazardous paint management, Part 1 and 2, WorkSafe Aust guidelines, and National Code of Practice for the Use of Inorganic Lead
  • Risk Assessments and OHS, Evaluating Risks, Control methods
  • Personnel Protection Compliance Plans, PPE, Medical monitoring, personal hygiene practices
  • Environmental compliance plans, monitoring, permissible levels, clean-up
  • Waste management plans, isolations, testing, waste disposal, chain of custody
  • Quality Assurance, documentation and record keeping requirements

The course is presented through pre-recorded lessons, and written material, and includes Codes of Practice, sample document templates, computer marked and trainer marked questions. There are practical activities which must be demonstrated in the workplace, and on-line scenarios and simulations.

Course Duration:

16 hours self-paced. You can enrol, start and study at any time. All lessons are pre-recorded.


Certificate of Recognition issued by the National Painting and Decorating Institute. This certificate is valid for 3 years. This course has been created in consultation with industry, and has been created by accredited trainers qualified in lead paint management.


This course is available on-line, anywhere there is internet connection. Students must have a minimum of Year 12 equivelent English and literacy


Students must have access to the following:

  • Internet connection, laptop or P.C. fitted with a webcam, Google Chrome browser
  • Laboratory testing sample kits
  • AS/NZS 4361.1, Guide to hazardous paint management, Part 1 – Lead and other hazardous metallic pigments in industrial applications
  • Negative or positive pressure respirator
  • PPE fit test equipment or Breathing Air Test Certificate


A$900, payment accepted online by card.

Above: sample lesson


"Very good to get an understanding of lead management as it is prevalent in my work place. Will be taking a lot more care and doing my own lead test on painted surfaces and not just going of clients work. Good course, glad I did it." - C. Hammond

Responsible Person for Hazardous Paint Management REFRESHER COURSE

Cost: $520

The Responsible Person for Hazardous Paint Management Refresher Course has been designed for 2-yearly updates for Responsible Person training.

This course is available for any persons who have completed the full course previously with any provider.


On-line, on demand, anywhere, anytime. No waiting for classes. Self-paced.


Approximately 5 hours