Government Funded Training

There are various funding and incentive programs available, managed by both the State and Federal Government Departments, that allow for a variety of government funded courses. The National Institute of Painting and Decorating works closely with the relevant authorities to keep up to date with all the funding and incentive opportunities available. It is highly possible Government funding and/or Incentives may cover the full cost of all of you or your staffs training.

Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships:

The objective of the Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program is to develop a more skilled Australian workforce that delivers long-term benefits for our nation and our international competitiveness. This is achieved by encouraging employers to open up genuine opportunities for skills-based training of their employees, through provision by the Australian Government of financial incentives to employers who employ and train an apprentice or trainee.

Under the Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program, employers of eligible Australian Apprentices at the Certificate III, IV, Diploma or Advanced Diploma level may attract a commencement incentive of $1500 and a completion incentive of $2500. Employers of eligible Australian Apprentices at the Certificate II level may attract a commencement incentive of $1,250 incentive where the Australian Apprentice is in a nominated equity group.

For more information on the Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program, please visit or call the Australian Apprenticeships Referral Line on 13 38 73.

Australian Apprenticeships Centres are contracted by the Australian Government to deliver Australian Apprenticeships Support Services at no cost to employers or Australian Apprentices. These services include providing information and assistance to employers, Australian Apprentices and other interested people, marketing and promoting Australian Apprenticeships and administering Australian Government incentive payments to employers and allowances for Australian Apprentices. The NIPD is able to provide an introduction to your local Australian Apprenticeship Centre and assist where required.

Productivity Places Program (PPP):

The Productivity Places Program (PPP) is part of the Australian Government's Skilling Australia for the Future initiative. The program will provide additional training opportunities to assist Australian workers, existing workers and job seekers to upskill and be effective participants and contributors to the modern workforce. As an employer, in order to upskill your employee under PPP there would only be a small 20% contribution of fees to the course. The balance 80% course fees would be covered by the State or Federal Government directly or via various Skills Councils/Alliances.

Strategic Skills Program (SSP):

The Strategic Skills Program (SSP) is a NSW State Government Initiative and funded by the Commonwealth Government for NSW residents to be able to access funding at a discounted rate in order to upskill and fulfil strategic skills needs for industry, community and individuals. As part of the contract, there is an administration fee payable by either student or employer.The State Government funds the balance of the course fees. Administration fees for qualifications are charged based on the level of qualification.

Skills Connect Mature Age Workers

If you are a painter over 50 years of age with no trade qualifications you can get your skills assessed, and update your skills to obtain the Certificate III Painting and Decorating. There is funding of up to $4400 available, so in most cases you will actually come out ahead!

The Federal Government's IIESRT initiative, allows eligible employers to apply for

  • reimbursement of costs associated with a skills assessment for a mature age worker capped at $3300 (including GST). The skills assessment will provide mature age workers with either a nationally recognised qualification or a statement of attainment in recognition of prior learning. This will allow them to identify gaps in their skills and enrol in training to meet the requirements of their trade.
  • reimbursement for a further $1100 (including GST) for additional training (at Certificate III to Advanced Diploma level; or an approved Training Package Skill Set for mature age workers with Certificate III or above qualifications) as identified in the skills assessment.
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User Choice:

User Choice is a national policy governing the flow of public funds to registered training organisations (RTOs). The purpose of User Choice is to make vocational education and training (VET) more responsive to the needs of industry and employers. Funding is paid directly to the RTO thus reducing the direct cost to the employer.

Construction Industry Training Funds

There are Construction Industry Training Funds in South Australia, WA, Tasmania, ACT and Queensland. Courses for construction workers in those states may be subsidised by up to 80%.

Other Government Funding and Incentives for courses State and Federal Level:

Government funding for training and incentives are forever changing, morphing and being introduced. We manage to keep a finger on the pulse and know what is happening across the industry. If there's something not listed above, or if you're not sure on how it all works and what qualification you should be doing and if there's any possible government funding or incentives to assist with course fees, please do give us a call. Our friendly education managers will be more than happy to help out with your enquires, or direct you to the appropriate organisations to provide advice.

Call: 1300 319 790

Are you eligible for Funding or Incentives?

Eligibility for any Government funded courses or incentive vary from program to program. Some basic standardised requirements include:

  • Australian Citizen
  • Permanent Resident of Australia
  • A New Zealand Passport holder residing in Australia over 6 months