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Operate Elevated Work Platforms (EWPs)

Painters need to know how to use EWPs such as scissor-lifts, boom-lifts, trailer-mounted booms (cherry-pickers) and vertical lifts. For on-site training on EWPs, contact the National Institute of Painting and Decorating.

All persons involved in the use of all EWP's must ensure that:

1. The SWL of the work Platform is not exceeded.
2. All parts of the EWP and vehicle are kept well clear of all wires etc. which might be live and to use as if the EWP is non-insulated.
3. Where any Power Operated hoist work platform is used in a public place or thoroughfare the user shall prevent any person from passing
under the work platform. lt shall be up to the user to provide such safety measures as may be required. This may be in the form of witches hats, guard rails or fences, or any traffic diverting methods.
4. Read and understand local council and government regulations relating to use in Public areas.


  1. Where stabiliser or outriggers are fitted, they must be positioned correctly at all times.
  2. Always post a lookout when users view is obstructed.
  3. Assure that machine is in stowed position and turntable is secured when towing.
  4. Be aware of clearances when travelling or towing.
  5. Never operate on soft or uneven surfaces.
  6. Never Permit Personnel on machine, or in Platform when towing.
  7. Always Position boom over drive wheels Prior to any towing operations
  8. Do not travel or work machine with boom elevated or extended on soft or uneven surfaces, as tipping will occur.
  9. Always look in direction of travel.
  10. Check tailswing (counterweight) clearance before swinging the turntable.
  11. Do not operate machine when wind conditions excesd 40-50 kmPh.
  12. Never use a boom for any purpose other than positioning Personnel and their tools and equipment.
  13. Keep oil, mud, grease and like slippery substances cleaned from footwear and platform deck.
  14. Ensure machine is positioned on a firm, level and uniform supporting surface before raising or extending boom,
  15. Never enter or leave the platform while elevated.
  16. Never operate a malfunctioning machine. lf a malfunction occurs, shut down the machine and notify proper authorities

CPCCCM3001 Operate elevated work platforms up to 11 metres - Learning Resources

For more comprehensive industry supported learning and assessment resources for CPCCCM3001 Operate elevated work platforms up to 11 metres, including RPL kits, learner guides, trainer guides and assessment tools please contact the National Painting and Decorating Institute.