Anti-Graffiti Coatings

CPCCPD3029A Remove Graffiti and Apply Protective Coatings

A surface can be 'protected', making it easier to remove graffiti from it without visible damage. A number of products are available to seal the surface with a protective coating. The use of protective coatings can:

  • make removal easier and more effective
  • reduce the harmful physical effects of graffiti materials on a surface, and
  • reduce the harmful physical effects of the removal process itself.

There are many variables and points for caution in the match of surface material, coating and removal products. It may not be wise to use permanent coatings on sandstone, especially 'heritage' sandstone. Certain solvents may still be able to easily remove some 'permanent' coatings and some solvents may cause more damage than the graffiti. Broadly, there are two types of coating: sacrificial and non-sacrificial (permanent).

This course focuses on:

  • Removal methods
  • Types of anti-graffiti coatings
  • Application process of protective coatings

The course is designed for painters who maintain public buildings, local council staff, and is now available on-line.

$350 (Approximately 16 hours duration including practical tasks)

Outcome: Nationally Recognised qualification issued by Masters in Building Training, RTO no. 40666

Enrol, pay and start on-line

Practical tasks to be completed in the work place, or in a simulated work environment