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On-site Apprenticeship Training

The National Institute of Painting and Decorating, in partnership with RTOs around Australia, has created quality digital learning resources for RTOs delivering Certificate III Painting and Decorating using Learning Management Systems. This allows apprentices to learn on-site, instead of having to travel to campuses for 'block-training'.

You can't learn how to paint by sitting in a classroom reading books. That's why we are giving control over training back to employers, where it belongs.

We've created over 1200 multi-media video lessons about every aspect of the trade and over 200 on-line activities for high quality learning, such as interpreting Safe Work Method Statements, reading Technical Manuals, troubleshooting painting problems, reacting to scenarios, understanding technical standards, and researching manufacturer's instructions.

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Here are some commonly asked questions about delivering apprenticeships on-line and on-site:
Q. What is the advantage of on-site training to the industry?
A. E-learning allows the student to study anywhere, any time. It avoids travel and accommodation costs, and saves time. Students can study at their own pace, and get the best quality training available no matter where they live. Videos using animation and demonstrations are engaging and fun, making difficult concepts easier to grasp. Employers save time and money because they don't have to release their apprentices to 'block training' at colleges. Employers have access to the system and can monitor their apprentice' progress. All updates are live.
Q. Is the training recognised by the government?
A. Yes, all courses are nationally recognised, mapped to qualifications, and moderated and validated by experienced assessors and trainers. The subjects are exactly the same as those offered through traditional colleges, and the required skills and knowledge is identical to traditional apprenticeships. There are over 30 subjects available to choose from.
Q. Will the student learn the same skills and knowledge as if they were in a classroom?
A. Yes, in fact more, because the quality of the lessons are very high, and they watch the lessons again and again until they understand. There are over 1200 high-quality multi-media lessons on every aspect of the trade, created by Australia's leading award-winning trainers. Assistance from the trainer is one-on-one, allowing students to get the help they need, when they need it. Apprentices using the system have won WorldSkills competitions and have won state government Training Awards. There are over 1000 painting students currently enroled in this system. It works.
Q. How is the practical training carried out?
A. NIPD supports the Australian Quality Training Framework, which states that 'practical training should be carried out in a realistic construction environment'. It is the responsibility of the employer to teach the apprentice the practical skills as part of their apprenticeship. Where the employer cannot train a particular skill on-site, a trainer will train the student on-site or request training be carried out off-site. Trainers conduct regular site-visits for on-site training, and use Mobile Training Campuses to bring the trade school to the industry.
Q. How can practical training be assessed?
A. The students must upload videos of themselves performing practical tasks. These videos are verified by discussions with the student and the employer. High risk subjects may also be assessed directly by the assessor when necessary.
Q. Can a student cheat the system?
A. It is highly unlikely. Our webcam verification takes a series of photos throughout the online course to verify the identity of the person taking the course. Assessments use a combination of assignments, tasks, questions, and the student's competence must be verified by the employer
Q. Do I need special computer equipment to do the course?
A. No, any computer or digital device with an internet connection and a webcam can be used anywhere in the world, including smart-phones, tablets, Mac and PC.
Q. How much training support does the apprentice get?
A. The student has constant access to a trainer via internet, telephone or email. The support is one-on-one, and includes site visits.
Q. Does on-line training affect apprenticeship entitlements and employer incentives?
A. No, all payments are the same
Q. Where are on-site apprenticeships available?
A. On-site apprenticeships are only available through colleges licensed to use the system by NIPD. Here is a list of colleges offering on-site apprenticeship training:


Wall and Ceiling Institute
Call 0402 312234


Gimbal Construction Training
Call 0413 456 791 or 0431 907913


Aussie Painters Network
Gimbal Construction Training
Call 0477 106503

Western Australia:

Core Institute
Contact NIPD for more info